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Welcome to the GCCIR—Gold Coast Conference of Intercollegiate Rugby—and one of GCCIR-Jacketthe most legendary sports in the history of sport. In fact, Rugby Union Football, second only to Soccer, is the most popular “team” sport in the world. More popular than American Football, Basketball and even Baseball, Rugby has captured the hearts and minds of the schoolyards and collegiate campuses of every nation from England (where it was created) to Brazil, where the next Olympics in 2016 will be held.

          With over 5000 rugby clubs in the United States, including youth, collegiate and women’s rugby, it has created a tradition that can only be described as both collegial and fraternal.

          And once you have been embraced by the sportsmanship, challenge and sense of community that the sport of international rugby offers, you have stepped into a lifetime experience—one upon which memories are built, legends are created, and friendships are eternal…

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GCCIR Meetings
11:00 am 2017 AGM
2017 AGM
Jul 29 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
CSLB Room 059
11:00 am Annual General Meeting (AGM) @ CSULB Kinesiology Building room 59
Annual General Meeting (AGM) @ CSULB Kinesiology Building room 59
Jul 29 @ 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
  2017 AGM 7/29/17 11am Roll Call Reports Executives: 1.       Treasure. (Term finishes 2017) Marni Stepped down early 2016 and under our Constitution Commissioner picked Manuke he would like to be elected 2017 for 2[...]