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Annual General Meeting (AGM)

June 26, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
CSULB Kinesiology Building room 59
1250 N Bellflower Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90840
Mark Wilson

We have booked the room for 3 hours but we don’t have any elections this AGM so we should be finished by about 11:30am

2016 AGM

6/26/16 10am

Roll Call



1.       Treasure. (Term finishes 2017)

2.       Sectary. (Term finishes 2017)

3.       Commissioners (Term finishes 2018)

a.       Formation (constitution)

b.       By Laws (General discussion)

c.       P & P’s (General discussion)

d.       Direction of USA Rugby for all divisions Men’s and Women’s Nationals.

Division report.


1.       Div I

2.       Div II

3.       Div III


1.       Div I (Currently none but they have reached out to us to join)

2.       Div II

Past season.

1.       What was negative.

2.       What was positive.

3.       Web Site.

4.       Branding.

Future season.

1.       New clubs (Though we will take new clubs at any time prior to Schedule)

2.       Division’s

a.       Reveal who moves up and who move down

b.       Should all divisions be hybrid’s?

c.       Rep voting will be done by email

3.       Relationship with:

a.       USA Rugby.

b.       NSCRO.


4.       Season for

a.       15’s

                    i.      Play off finals on the same Sunday for all Div’s & Location.

b.       7’s

                   i.      Should GCCIR have an official season – Summer Collegiate Sevens –

                   ii.      GCCIR – Summer Sevens Tournament

5.       Hosting responsibilities.

a.       Field

                    i.      Ropes and side lines

                    ii.      Tent’s

                    iii.      Water

                    iv.      Athletic trainers

b.       Referee

c.       Pre-Match check in (Opposing teams verifying players)

d.       Hosting

6.       GCCIR player eligibility

a.       Should Division play be the same as post season play eligibility.

7.       Player Safety and Development

a.       Athletic Trainers at all Matches.

b.       Strength and conditioning.

              i.      New online software.

              ii.      Hiring of a Certified Strength and conditioning for conference.

8.       Coaches training and clinics – for Levels 100, 200 and 300

9.       GCCIR Collegiate All Star Touring Side. Division I.  Divisions II and III (combined).

Any new business from the floor.