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How to start a club and join GCCIR

How do I start a college rugby club?

  • Find a level 200 coach to be your head coach.
  • Find a min of 15 players that want to play.
  • Obtain college approval to become a club.
  • Register with USA Rugby
    1. Need level 200 coach
    2. Need min 15 players
    3. Need to pay $150 to register team with USA Rugby
  • Join GCCIR as an At-large club (any time during the year)
    1. Pay $500
    2. Arrange friendly’s with other GICCR teams that are not in League play
  • After one season apply to GCCIR to be placed in a division. (At the AGM)

This is a simple outline and can be waived by the Commissioner if he or she feels it is in the best interest of Rugby and GCCIR.