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July 28, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Cal State Long Beach Kinesiology Building Room K62
1250 Bellflower Blvd
Long Beach
CA 90840
Mark Wilson

7/28/19 @ 10:00am

  1. Roll Call
  2. Reports
    1. Executives Report:
      1. Commissioners. (Mark Wilson term finishes 2020)
        1. Formation (constitution)
        2. By Laws (General discussion)
        3. In 2019 to 2020 a committee will be formed to review proposed By Laws for recommendations.
        4. P & P’s (General discussion)
        5. In 2019 to 2020 a committee will be formed to review proposed P & P’s for recommendations.
        6. Direction of USA Rugby for all Men’s divisions.
        7. Direction of NSCRO and addition of 15 per player cost
      2. Treasure(term finishes 2019 and Manouk Bagdasaryan wishes to be reelected for two more years. Anyone interested please email by 7/24).
        1. Budget report.
        2. Moving to QB online and ability to take online payments.
        3. discussion and member input on 20 per player by GCCIR for admin and developmental officer.
  • Sectary(term finishes 2019 and Steve Vent wishes to be reelected for two more years. Anyone interested please email by 7/24).
    1. Commissioner will answer any questions as our sectary is also our congress rep and they are having there meeting this weekend and he has promised to give a report on this.


  1. Division report.

This has been our most successful season for So-Cal college Rugby.

GCCIR Select Side, beat Cal – North Select Side in its first of two annual matches. GCCIR is hoping to form an all-star team starting 2020. This is all thanks to Jason Lee who stood up to the plate to organize this.


  1. Div I (Rep. Jason Reynolds)
    1. Cal State Long Beach missed by 2 points for the semi final of DI-AA Finals
    2. Claremont won NSCRO Champions cup
    3. APU won NSCRO Challenge cup
    4. APU won GCCIR DI B side cup
  2. Div II (Rep. Steve Stone)
    1. UC San Diego won GCCIR DII Cup
  • Div III (Rep. Jason Lee)
    1. UC Irvine won GCCIR DIII Cup
  1. Past season.
    1. What was negative. General discussion
    2. What was positive. General discussion
    3. Web Site. General discussion
    4. Back end cloud-based admin
    5. With the use of GCCIR Play offs Still unable to coordinate same dates for all.
    6. Looking at producing a new logo for GCCIR so teams can put them on the shorts, and we will keep the crest for a more formal dress like awards.
  2. Future season.
    1. New clubs (Though we will take new clubs at any time prior to Schedule)
    2. Division’s
      1. Reveal who moves up and who move down
      2. Rep voting will be done by email we need more student body involvement.
    3. Relationship with:
      1. USA Rugby.
      2. NSCRO.
    4. Season for
      1. 15’s
        1. Playing at least one match late Fall
      2. 7’s
        1. Trying to get 3 hosts for 7s tournaments in October with the last one to be a Qualifier.
      3. Hosting responsibilities.
        1. Field
          1. Ropes and side lines
          2. Tent’s (there must be tents for both teams or no tent)
          3. Water (host must supply)
          4. Athletic trainers (If visiting team has no AT then host must provide)
        2. Referee
          1. Host must make arrangements
          2. Pre-Match check in (Opposing teams verifying players with Reff assistance)
  • Touch Judge
    1. Each club must have a min of two certified touch judges for the season
    2. For the match each club will provide one
  1. Hosting
    1. We must remember the proud history of rugby and why we really play.
    2. What at a minimum must a club provide for the third half?
  2. GCCIR player eligibility
    1. Should Division play be the same as post season play eligibility.
  3. Player Safety and Development
    1. Athletic Trainers at all Matches.
  4. Coaches training and clinics – for Levels 100, 200 and 300

Any new business from the floor.